6 Common Microwave Repair Problems

6 Common Microwave Repair Problems

The stove in the kitchen is undoubtedly the primary cooking appliance. Microwaves are also important. Microwaves can be a huge convenience in the kitchen. The microwave allows you to cook quickly and efficiently. You can quickly heat a dish and save both time and energy. We take our microwaves for granted despite their essential role in everyday life. Then, we discover a problem. We’ll discuss some of the most common issues and solutions in the following.

1. Microwave not Heating

When you put a plate of hot food into the microwave and turn it ON, you expect it to be steaming hot when you take it out. If you are in a hurry and your microwave fails to work, this can be a very frustrating experience. You can fix your microwave, even if it will not heat. This problem can be caused by either the microwave magnetron, which creates heat within the microwave or the high-voltage diode. This can be done by replacing either part.

2. Microwave not turning off

Not all microwave problems involve the appliance not turning on. The microwave can sometimes continue to work even though the timer is no longer active. This can lead to overcooking or even the burning of your meal. To stop your microwave from cooking, you may need to leave it open or unplug its wall plug. This is most likely a result of an electronic problem. It could be an issue with the microwave’s smartboard or the interlock switch on the door.

6 Common Microwave Repair Problems

3. Microwave making a noise

Microwaves are noisy when operating. The excessive noise your microwave creates could indicate that you have a much larger problem. If your microwave is making excessive noise, it could be caused by a faulty roller, drive motor, or cooling fan. Your microwave must be examined to determine the cause of the noise. In many cases, the faulty internal component of your microwave can be repaired.

4. Microwave won’t turn

For food to be heated evenly, microwaves come with a plate. This plate turns as the food is placed on it.

If the plate does not turn, your food will not cook properly. This is the most common complaint about a broken microwave. The drive motor is most likely to be the cause. Professional repair technicians can easily replace the motor coupler.

5. The Microwave Light is Out

A standard microwave issue is when the light does not work. You can use the microwave light to see what is cooking in the microwave. In many cases, the bulb can be changed. This will depend on the model. This issue may also be a problem with the control board on your microwave.

6. Microwave exhaust not working

The microwave exhaust fan will help remove any airborne smells and grease. The air filters are likely the culprit when the exhaust fans stop working. Most likely, the air filters are clogged. Cleaning filter can solve the issue. A damaged motor could damage your microwave. It can be repaired by replacing faulty parts or the fan motor.