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Hotpoint Appliance Repair Service

Hotpoint Appliance welcomes you to the captivating tale of Hotpoint Electric Heating Company. Did you know that Hotpoint was the pioneering force behind the successful commercial product revolution? In the day, a visionary named Earl H. Richardson introduced the “Hotpoint” iron under the banner of Pacific Electric Heating Company, which later evolved into a renowned laundry iron. Surprisingly, George A. Hughes and The Hughes Company introduced the electric stove in 1910. As time passed, the Pacific Electric Heating Company adopted the name “Hotpoint Electric Heating Company” in 1912.

Hotpoint Appliance Repair Service

By then, Hotpoint had already become a household name. In 1914, the Hotpoint trademark earned its registration from the US License Office. In 1918, Hughes Electric Heating Company joined the Edison Electric Appliance Company. Hotpoint was at the forefront of innovation, introducing electric stoves in two stylish colors: brown and black. Production continued until 1922. In 1920, a collaborative venture was initiated between Hotpoint Electric Heating Company in the UK and General Electric in the USA. Their objective was to establish an agency for selling home appliances featuring GE’s renowned brands in the UK, eventually leading to the formation of HEAC. In 1922, Hotpoint unveiled the porcelain white stove, further enhancing its product lineup. In 1923, Hotpoint Electric Heating Company underwent a product upgrade, including a white range with nickel trim.

In 1929, Hotpoint became a subsidiary of GEC, marking another milestone. The company expanded its offerings to include refrigerators in 1931, a production that merged with the General Electric Company, culminating in the creation of the Edison General Electric Company.

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Hotpoint’s design service empowers customers to plan their dream kitchens. 1935 Raymond C. Sandin joined Hotpoint to contribute to the design department. Fast forward to 1944, and we witnessed the “Kitchen of the Future” promotion in a magazine. Raymond C. Sandin’s design team grew from 13 to 14 in 1965, with him serving as the department’s director until his passing. In 1989, General Domestic Appliances, a division of the General Electric Company, acquired Hotpoint, securing its place in the industry. By 2001, Merloni had reached nearly 50 percent of Marconi plc. Notably, Indesit emerged as a famous European brand in 2005 after Hotpoint was marketed and sold by Merloni.

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Indesit had already envisioned Hotpoint as its premier brand as early as 2007. We recommend reaching out to Hotpoint Repair Services for all your appliance-related needs. Our commitment to providing high-quality and competitively priced services remains unwavering. Hotpoint Appliance Repair Service is your trusted partner in maintaining your appliances. Feel free to contact us without hesitation whenever you require assistance. Your satisfaction is our top priority!