How to clean your oven

How to clean your oven

These tips will help you maintain the functionality and brilliance of your Thermador. Using these tips, you can continue creating delicious meals and making lasting memories. Do not use abrasive cloths or cleaners to clean the oven.

How To Clean Your Oven Exterior

Glass Surfaces – Use a soft, warm cloth and soapy water to clean the glass. Spray a glass cleaner onto a paper towel, then wipe the glass. Stainless Steel Surfaces – You can watch the video or read the instructions to maintain your stainless steel surfaces. When washing and drying stainless steel, use mild, soapy water with a soft towel and wipe the grain in the same direction. To avoid watermarks, rinse the stainless steel with water and dry it. Use only cleaners without chlorine or abrasives, as both can be corrosive. Apply a stainless steel conditioner to add shine, and then wipe away the excess using a soft, clean cloth.

How to clean your oven

How to clean the interior of your oven

Self-cleaning is a great way to clean your interior. Self-cleaning burns off remnants of roasting, broiling, or baking. Our video tutorial will show you how to prepare your oven for self-cleaning. To activate self-cleaning for your oven, check your owner’s guide. You need to get your manual. Please click on the link “Find Your Owner’s Manual.” Block the oven vents during the self-cleaning cycle. Ensure the door is locked and cannot be opened at the start of the cycle. After the self-cleaning cycle is complete and the oven is completely cooled down, remove all ashes from the cavity. You may also need to clean the door seals and the inside of your oven door. Wipe them down with mild, warm soapy water. Now your oven is ready for use.

How To Clean Your Oven Racks and Accessories

The self-cleaning function CAN NOT clean these accessories. Before activating the feature, they should be removed. Telescopic and flat racks – Hand wash the racks with hot soapy water. Could you not put them in the dishwasher? Rinse thoroughly and then dry. You can also use cleaning powders or soap-filled pads to clean the racks. When the racks no longer slide smoothly, you must relubricate them. Relubricate the slides of telescopic racks with a food-grade, high-temperature lubricant. Wipe the edges of flat racks with a bit of vegetable oil. Remove excess oil.