How to replace an oven door hinge

How to replace an oven door hinge

You may have a problem with your oven’s hinges if you cannot see anything blocking the door from the inside. The hinges may become less efficient due to wear and tear, or you could have over-extended your oven door. You have found the right place if you are looking to replace your oven door hinges. There’s no reason to panic if you don’t know where to begin. You’ll learn how to replace the hinges on your oven door without damaging it.

Remove Door

The first thing we have to do is remove the door. You must find a catch if you only have one lever on your hinge. This will prevent the hinges from closing. Slowly close the door and raise the catch. When the hinge locks up, the door will lift off the hinges. In the video, the door hinges are double-lever. It would help if you simply pulled the catch on the hinges. You can now lift the door.

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Replace the Hinges

It’s time to replace the hinges. Remove the screws on the door to gain access to them. You can then reposition the hinges in the same place as the old ones. Then, lower the other side of the oven’s door you removed into place. The only thing left is to screw the door back together. You now have a complete oven door with working hinges.

Fit the door on your oven

Now that you have the oven door open, it’s time to close the oven. The hinges must be cocked back into the latch. (If necessary, you can protect your hands with a tea towel). The hinge has a notch that must be placed on the oven frame.

After correctly positioning the door, you need to open it completely to reset the latches. You can close the oven door once you’ve finished. You have successfully replaced the hinges of your oven door. Now, you can get back to cooking your delicious meals for dinner. Read our SubZero oven manual for a better repair.