Is Frigidaire Refrigerator Not Cooling Properly? This Could be Why

Is Frigidaire Refrigerator Not Cooling Properly? This Could be Why

A Frigidaire refrigerator that is not cooling can be fixed with a simple repair or adjustment. These common causes determine whether you should try a DIY solution or seek professional help.

1) Need To Adjust Refrigerator Temperature

Ensure your Frigidaire fridge is working properly and the temperature has been set correctly. Moving items around or mistakenly touching thermostat controls may result in a change of settings, causing the temperature to be warmer. In the same way, if your ice machine isn’t producing ice, you should check the settings in your refrigerator. What temperature setting should I use for optimal cooling in my refrigerator? The recommended temperature range for most is 35-37. You can consult your manual to determine the best temperature settings for your specific model.

Is Frigidaire Refrigerator Not Cooling Properly? This Could be Why

2) Exceeding Refrigerator Storage Capacity

The refrigerator will maintain its desired temperature if you keep enough cold food in it. Too much food in the fridge can block air vents, allowing cool air from the freezer. As a result, the temperature can rise when a refrigerator is packed. Place items away from air vents to avoid causing the fridge’s temperature to increase. Keep your refrigerator at least 3/4 of the way to allow airflow and maintain its internal temperature.

3) Refrigerator Condenser Coils Require Cleaning

Condenser condenser air coils produce cold air from refrigerants in refrigerators. When the coils are dirty, the condenser coils won’t cool the refrigerant properly, and internal temperatures can rise. To ensure that the coils are functioning correctly to cool your refrigerator, we suggest cleaning them every six months. Find the condenser coil on your Frigidaire model by consulting your user guide. They are often hidden behind a rear access panel or a front grille. Unplug refrigerator. Remove the grille and panel to get at the coils. The coils and the surrounding area can be cleaned with a narrow hose attachment. You can use a brush to wash any dirt or debris left behind. Vacuum all dust and dirt from the floor. Replace the panel or grille, and the power will be restored to the refrigerator.

4) Refrigerator Door Not Sealing Properly

A rubber seal is usually installed around the door’s perimeter to provide an airtight closing when the door closes. This keeps warm air out and cold air in. It is possible that a Frigidaire refrigerator does not cool appropriately because the seals are dirty or damaged. The seals allow warm air into the fridge and cold air to escape. Examine the door seal to check for dirt, debris, or damage signs like tears or rips. Cleaning the refrigerator seal with a wet cloth can help restore cooler temperatures. However, a damaged door seal may require replacement.

5) Frigidaire Refrigerator Part Failure

Does your Frigidaire Refrigerator still need to cool after you’ve tried these troubleshooting techniques? A malfunctioning internal component could be the cause. These parts malfunctions may cause refrigerator cooling problems and require professional replacement. The Refrigerant can fail to cool correctly if the fans stop working. The refrigerator thermostat may malfunction, and it will be unable to tell the compressor that more air is needed. Faulty capacitor for the start: This component supplies the electrical voltage necessary to start the compressor and produce cool air. The compressor will not begin without it, and the refrigerator will not cool. Our team can provide expert service and repair for your refrigerator. We can help with any cooling problems!

The professional technician will make the following repairs after assessing the problem