Kenmore Microwave Not Working

Kenmore Microwave Not Working

Kenmore Microwave Line Fuse

The line fuse will break if too much current is passed through the microwave circuitry. The microwave will not start if the line fuse is blown. Multimeters can be used to check continuity. Replace the fuse if it does not show continuity. You should also investigate the cause of the fuse blowing and fix it. The new fuse may also blow if you do not resolve the problem. Warning: Its capacitor can still store thousands of voltages even after unplugging the microwave. It is dangerous to replace the electronic components of a microwave due to the possibility of electric shock. The line fuse should only be replaced by a qualified technician.

Kenmore Microwave Switchholder

The switch holder for the microwave is located behind the control panel. The microwave may stop working if the switch holder has been damaged or misaligned. Uninstall the control panel to inspect the switch holder. Make sure it’s in good shape and is secured correctly. If necessary, replace the switch holder.

Kenmore Microwave Not Working

Kenmore Microwave Main Control Board

A defective main control board is possible. This will rarely be the case. Control boards often get misdiagnosed. Be sure to look at the common parts. Replacing the main controller board is a good idea if the other components have been determined to be in working order. Warning: The high-voltage cap can store thousands of volts in the microwave even when unplugged. Replacing electronic components is very dangerous because of the possibility of electric shock. Only a licensed technician can replace the main board.

Kenmore Microwave Thermostat

If the microwave heats up, the thermostat trips to cut its voltage. The voltage may not reach high-voltage parts if the thermostat is open and short. Multimeters can be used to check the thermostat for faults. It must be replaced if there is no continuity and the thermostat cannot be reset.

Incoming-Power Problem

Electrical outlets may not receive power. If you need clarification on whether an outlet has power, plug something else in the outlet. Check your circuit breakers or fuse if you cannot get power to the outlet.

Kenmore Microwave Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse shuts off power to a microwave if that microwave overheats. Use a multimeter and test for continuity to determine if the fuse is blown. Replace it if the fuse has no continuity. Thermal fuses cannot be reset. They must be replaced if they are blown. (Caution: A microwave oven’s high voltage capacitor can store thousands of volts even after it has been unplugged. The risk of electric shock is high when replacing the electronic components within a microwave. Only a certified technician should do thermal fuse replacement.